11th Sep2009

More random thoughts: Excuse me, are you a phone?

by Dorothy

Iphone Musings
More little tidbits from some great conversation in the past weeks….

The Apple folk just have a way of making normal features seem heaven sent. While people are pumping R&D into increasing megapixels, shiny new hardware designs (wow! 10 colours to choose from), Apple have managed to make a 2+ mega pixel camera phone (that still seems a tad bit laggy if you ask me) into the TOP camera phone on Flickr. Also, they made picking colours seem so yesterday (like the first generation candy coloured imacs).  I can only imagine the gap between the ubiquitous iPhone and it’s other competitors from Nokia and Blackberry will widen, given that Flickr is coming to the App store. flickr_popularcamphones

Clear market leader!

Top camera phone is not interesting on it’s own, given that in most cities, within a 3 m radius on the train, one can probably spot at least one Iphone user. Given that most of them will probably be on data plans, this naturally leads to a lot more submissions from the hardware in question.

What is more interesting is that …on Flickr, the iPhone has been comparing pretty decently against the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. Now that, is a flipping DSLR from Canon, ten megapixel and all sorts of other great features thrown in….but the graph below shows the slowly dipping popularity of the Canon Xti. Compared against the rising love from netizens holding an iPhone, Apple isn’t doing too shabbily at all.  The iphone is also the only cameraphone in the Most Popular Cameras mix.

*I wish the horizontal axis from the Flickr graph had some dates thrown in, so we could correlate that sharp spike with the release of the Iphone 3Gs, hypothetically or otherwise.


All this has some connotations for the camera market. Given that Flickr is (in my impression at least),  a great community of artists and photographers who range from amateur, semi professional to professional, I do wonder how product lines will evolve in future. What will happen to the cameras that are in between (neither the powerful DSLRs for the serious photographers, nor quite as handy and functional as a camera phone)?

On another note, I have my thoughts about the interesting correlation between handset monopolies (aka sole iphone telco providers around the world) and bad customer service. But I will save them for another day. 🙂

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24th May2009

Web 2.0 & Gen Y: The Other Side of the Story

by Dorothy

Frankly, I’m fatigued by all this hype about Web2.0, and how it is being touted as being the ‘cure’ to everything except cancer. Coupled together with its initial links with the irreverence of Gen Y, I believe we are seeing trends of a different sort right now.

In a couple of weeks, I will be speaking at youth panel at Ad:Tech, moderated by the very awesome Graham Perkins. We talked about how it would be interesting if we could carry on a conversation without using some words like Facebook, Gen Y, Social Media, and how everyone and their pet cat is on Twitter. Would this little alternative game of Taboo be even possible, the way people are throwing these terms around lately?

Seriously, at the heart of it all, is communication, good old word of mouth, but through a new medium – the digital channel. It is less about trying to pigeon hole all this as merely a fad or something for “youths”, which is the natural inclination.

I am partially convinced that ironically, most of what we believe we perceive of this digital movement is shaped by the traditional media, dying or not.

A couple of ‘myths’ that are becoming old…

#1. “No one watches TV, anymore.”

But what would you define as TV? The last I checked, a little site called YouTube was garnering a healthy number of hits (though not making much money), as so was Hulu.com (last year they were touted to surpass Youtube in profits in 2009). I wish I wouldn’t encounter so much of the US copyright restrictions where TV viewing oneline is concerned. Nevertheless, looks like the lucky folks over in the UK will get some of the action from Hulu and UK TV shows on Youtube soon.

What they really mean is the weakening popularity of sitting in front of the classical definition of a TV then …and the old channels, but most of us are watching shows and content off our mobile devices, off our laptop and computer screens, and then some. In other words, people are still watching, just on alternative screens, and in fact, for longer hours since mobile allows considerable freedom.

Nielsen Wire reports that Americans Watching More TV Than Ever; Web and Mobile Video Up too.

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04th Mar2009

Media Economics ….& Piracy

by Dorothy

Here is an article that I came across some time ago.

The Problem of Media Economics: Value Equations Have Radically Changed

“It seems that most media companies still haven’t figured out how to adapt to or even understand the changes to the fundamental exchange of value in media.

Some of that stems from a failure to understand legacy media economics.

People ask why no one wants to pay for news anymore, referencing the decline in newspaper circulation, when in fact that misrepresents the value equation. People were paying for newsPAPERS, which contained a lot more than news, and they were also paying for newspaper delivery, which is a service.

….It’s not that no one wants to pay for music or movies, it’s that increasingly we want to pay for content when, where, and however we want. We’re willing to pay for the convenience of video on demand, but the service isn’t always being offered. Digital technology has put content producers in the services business, but they don’t yet fully understand that value exchange.

New business models for media require entirely new exchanges of value — it’s not about finding new ways to balance the old equation.”

It’s interesting to read the author’s take on this issue, because people have focused largely on the death of traditional media, when perhaps they should be focusing on the dearth of companies that should be working to deliver content on demand in the most cost effective and efficient way.

The Craigslist example where the author had been looking for someone to rent their room out to, and was “able to achieve for free on Craigslist what they couldn’t achieve by spending money in the newspaper” is also rather telling. The question is, Is the Freemium model, or even, Free, model sustainable in the long run? Then again, content has always been used as bait for eyeballs in advertising.

The internet has changed a lot of the ways that processes and services can be monetized. For benefits that accrue to end users, think about postage. Telegrams, airmail, shipping costs all used to come into play before the arrival of the web and suddenly, email made communication (almost) free, easy, and much faster to boot. Of course, the illegal side of free (aka piracy) has the the people in the software and music industry tossing in their sleep, but that is another issue altogether.


On that note, I blogged about the Pirate’s Dilemma book last year, and you should check it out if you haven’t. Youth culture, trends, innovation and “piracy as a business model”, that’s what this book promises. The author also informs you why the book is relevant to people from all walks of life(and not just the suits from Hollywood and the music labels). Other stuff also ties in nicely with the economic thread running through this post- the author weaves his own background and training in the said field and you can read snippets about his thoughts on the book here.


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17th Jul2008

Open source…

by Dorothy

will be the end of the Capitalist model because everything will be free. (and no one will be exploited in the same way ever again!)

Open source = good because then
everyone(smart) gets a chance to edit and improve on it.
The rest of us (clueless) folks just enjoy the application or content that the evil geniuses come up with.

Because its free, you need something other than $$$$ to keep you going.
That something is (often) passion.

Some of us suck at what we are passionate about.
Most of us don’t.

We are passionate about things that we are good at, or we get very good at doing the things we are passionate about.

it can only mean more (good and useful) things powered by love.

I love Web 2.0!

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14th Jul2008

What is your favourite bookstore? / Download (and read) The Pirate’s Dilemma

by Dorothy

I am kind of loving Kinokuniya right now because the books that I’ve browsed through recently on their shelves have proven to be of significantly high calibre, in terms of selection and content.

We don’t get Barnes & Nobles here so I can’t comment on that. I’ve yet to pop down to Borders since I was back, but from what I recall, the shelves were stacked high with too many books, and all of them seemingly with outdated content.

On another random note, I have been reading all the old stashed versions of ebooks in my folder, and I wish there could be more. I guess I am just lazy to make constant trips to the bookstore. Public transport is such an irritant I am trying my best to avoid it as far as possible. I never knew how cheap books were in the USA. Books, I stress. Not textbooks. Textbooks are amazingly expensive in the USA.

The reason I was on this train of thought, was because I saw the physical copy of this book in Kinokuniya the other day. You may be interested to know that you can download a copy of it from the official site, for free (or do the Radiohead thing and pay as much as you would like to).

The Pirate's Dilemma - US Cover

So, I’ve gotten my copy and the instant auto responder tells me:

Dear Dorothy, 

You can download The Pirate's Dilemma - Digital Download at


Please note, the download link will expire after you've downloaded the product 5 times.

Thanks for downloading The Pirate's Dilemma - I hope you enjoy it and it helps you awaken your inner pirate.
Any questions, suggestions or whatevs, drop me a line at matt@thepiratesdilemma.com. All the best, Matt Mason ---------------------------------------------------------

I am loving the personal touch to this. And the liner “helps you awaken your inner pirate” is priceless, including the very deliberate, but coolly mis-spelt word “whatevs“.

I am a big fan of youth culture, have always been, will probably always be. I had a good impression of the book when I thumbed through it quickly at the store, and I hope it will not disappoint.

And of course, I’m doing my bit here by telling you to check out the book download page. Let me know what you think if you read it!

If you’re looking for other online reads, check out the Word of Mouth Manual Volume II, also freely downloadable, but you can get the physical version if you like!

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