11th Jun2009

Ad:Tech Singapore Thoughts: #1 Live event Tweeting…

by Dorothy

…is a brain intensive process.

This was the first time I’ve tried to live tweet an entire 2 day conference, and I’ve found it was no easy feat…

Brain Intensive

A couple of the guys were remarking that it was pretty trying to Tweet, listen, synthesize and breathe all at once. Tiring yes, but I shall credit the factors that supposedly make females more adept at multitasking, and maybe the live blogging practice from Social Media Breakfast sessions.  🙂 Still, end of Day 1, we were Zapped with a capital Z, reflected in the more modest number of Tweets on Day 2, if you were following the live Twitter feed.

Self PWNed.

I love Tweetdeck. really I do. I’d never tried out the Twitter/FB syncing on Tweetdeck so something in me asked why not? I’ll show you why (not). See this, and multiply it a few times in length.


Basically, I spammed my FB profile with my Tweets. Horrendous. I’m sure I spammed the FB News feed of all my friends as well, giving them sure reasons to filter me out .. haha ( just kidding).

Anyway, by lunchtime of the first day, I decided this was not working (not as fun as I thought it would be, visually or mentally), so I stopped the simultaneous posting to both Twitter and FB, so my profile could breathe. Left a status msg linked to my twitter feed instead.  The really un-fun part was having to go in and delete the posts on my wall..one by one. Didn’t quite erase them all… No more experimenting on this!

Lets try not to parrot

I also didn’t want to repeat every single thing that was being Tweeted, so the plan I had really was to watch the live feed and pretty much figure out on the spot the angles that each of the other people Tweeting were taking, and avoid posting similar thoughts. Not entirely avoidable, of course, since most good points are usually the ones that get picked up and Tweeted, but worth the effort and still manageable due to the number of Tweeters. Which brings me to my next point…

It’s a digital conference

…but where is the tech? went a Tweet that I saw. Should we hope to see more people actually getting their feet wet and using the tools that would help them understand the different aspects of how it could help them in their jobs better? Only a handful of people were live Tweeting, with the rest of the comments coming from interested parties not present at the conference.

Live event broadcasting

I can see why there is the debate over whether or not a portion of the presentation screen should be devoted to the live Tweets while presentations are going on. Possible issues I can think of are:

  • It’s distracting : some people can’t listen and focus on the Tweets at the same time
  • hijacking: some people mistaking the Tweet screen as a stage to send SMS-type msgs like on TV/ or saying something inappropriate.

The Tools are more powerful than you know…if used right

Some thoughts on the conference as a whole – It really would have helped if the folks organizing the conference could have confirmed the #hashtag, rather than the Tweeters finalizing it themselves. I saw Claudia taking the inititaive to try and standardiz the tag, but there was still some confusion and all conversation got divided mostly between @adtechasia (the official one) and @adtechsg, with a huge majority not even using them… so just adtech ought to return those results in Twitter search. The problem with the last option is that it returns all global adtech sessions – Twitter is now “mainstream”…hopefully digital marketers will make more effort to really utilize the power of the tools offered to them.

I found another Tweet about how Ad:tech singapore might end up as the conference with the most number of abandoned conference Twitter accounts ever amusing.

Having said that, it was very encouraging to see progress, however small, in terms of the ad:tech blog, using Twitter to get live audience questions during sessions ( although there was the query about why Wifii appeared to be cut off during sessions without a Twitter Q&A feature. Feedback off the Adtech Twitter stream should show lots of griping comments about a technology centric conference with no internet from both visiting and local delegates… ). Baby steps, but it can only get better!

Are you on Twitter? Drop a note to say hi if you were at Ad:tech too! If not, it would be cool to connect on Twitter anyway, or you can leave a comment here. 🙂

More up next on the Keynote Youth Panel session… and meeting Scott Goodstein (man behind Obama’s digital campaign)! I shall try not to fangirl too much.

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15th Dec2008

Social Media Brunch (SMB5): Call to Care

by Dorothy

Once again, the in true spirit of the continually evolving Web 2.0, SMB 5 was yet another different “format”, yet another different mix of people, yet another theme, yet another venue…the Samsung Flagship store at Vivocity.

Given that it is Christmas, it was pretty meaningful to have Daniel share with us about their Samsung Hope campaign. They are not asking for donations, just your time and support. Essentially, you get to decide how a pool of funds gets distributed amongst different beneficiaries. It’s dead simple, and just takes a moment. More details at the Samsung Hope website, where you can pledge too.

My pledge!

Hope Takes Off !

This was a pretty relaxed SMB 5, so it can pretty much be summed up in a sentence – great food, great company, great conversation all around!

If you were at SMB 5, we’d appreciate your help in filling out this short survey. Be heard, help us make SMB better!
And…. join the Facebook Group if you haven’t!

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04th Oct2008

Social Media Brunch (SMB 4): Thoughts and Photos!

by Dorothy

Social Media Brunch 4: The lowdown

It’s time for another SMB post! I really wonder if the Social Media Breakfast/SMB title will go the way of Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC (and all the conspiracy theories that no one ever uses the full name anymore, because what they’re selling is not chicken.) For the record, really, I think the real reason was that KFC wanted to take away the emphasis on the word “fried”. But I’m digressing.

Derrick was throwing up a concept that he and Nadia had talked about. He basically joked that the next SMB could be a Social Media Beer, since it would probably coincide with his coming of age and birthday. Social Media Breakfast, Brunch, what not… I was thinking, going along those lines, the next SMB could easily be anything from a Social Media Beach (power issues?) to Social Media Bash, etc. The feminists are going to kill me for even suggesting Social Media Babes. And the list goes on…

So SMB4, a brunch this time, saw a really good turnout. Held at the URA building, it was obvious that the crowd demographic had shifted slightly again. And really, as with all the SMB events so far, you never know what you’re going to get in terms of attendees.

It came up during discussions with Enning who suggested that there ought to be two separate events for SMB, one catered to the corporate folks, and another for the more casual bloggers out there. I actually think that if the event gets big enough, it would be great to have different breakout sessions, rather than dividing the event up. Right now, the numbers don’t really warrant that yet, but it’s all about constant adjustment and tweaking.

For myself, it was quite a different perspective because I had been live blogging the event, which was pretty much something I had never done before. It turned out to be a pretty fun experience nonetheless! Trying new stuff is always good.

Here are some photos from the event from the folks at Livestudios!

Derrick, Kim, Willy, Me, Claudia and Sherms!

Group shot

…. and the inaugural live blogging shot.

If you’re curious to find out more about SMB events in future, leave a comment, join our Facebook group or visit the SMB Singapore Forum!


I suppose a huge portion of what I think can already be found on the Socialmediabreakfast.sg site post. If I could expand on any point, I guess I truly believe that with social media,

“There isn’t a single formula that fits everyone.”

Perhaps it is not so important to clearly define what social media is, but just to recognize the mere fact that it affects everyone, and to varying degrees. What social media is will probably change over time, what social media is to you will probably change over time.

This really got me thinking. It occurred to me that a lot of the conversation at SMB4 was skewed towards the corporate side of things. It just so happened that things turned out that way, since SMB3 had been a lot more blogger-centric. The word “sincerity” was thrown around a lot during the panel discussions at SMB4, and I couldn’t agree more. I value sincerity in my real life interactions, and there is no reason for me to deviate from this when things are translated to the digital realm.

What is social media to me? At the end of the day, it isn’t just some magic bullet to address the concerns of marketing and PR folks. It isn’t just a (recently) convenient channel where corporations can “reach” their targeted consumers.

It’s a tool that I use to connect with the people that matter to me. It is a space where I can talk to my friends. It is an outlet for me to pen down my thoughts. It is a school where I can learn about what is going on all over the world.

Why I am interested in this, is because it helps me keep in contact with people all over the globe, regardless of our schedules, workload or geographical location.

Why I am interested in this, is because I love thinking about issues, and often, I express myself best through the written word.

Why I am interested in this, is because the social media space is the best book/textbook anyone could ever have due to it’s ever changing nature.

At present, I am not interested in unwanted intrusions into my conversations. If you’re going to talk to me, talk to me as a person and not as another potential “customer”. Corporations need to understand that sincerity and enthusiasm can be smelt a mile away, and likewise, a lack of either simply turns most people off. We may not have a universal remote control to “switch TV channels” like we used to, but we are sure going to make full use of the privacy functions on any platform to tune out unwanted messages.
Short of turning the entire social media space into a giant proverbial Tupperware party (viewed from its most basic concept, where friends promote products/services to other people they know), I am not quite convinced that the true power of social media can be harnessed in any other way right now.

Your thoughts?

P.S : If you were at SMB 4, we’d love it if you could fill out this short survey so we can improve on future sessions!


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16th Aug2008

Social Media Breakfast 3, Singapore: The third; My first.

by Dorothy

The event
I attended my first ever Social Media Breakfast today, having missed the first two… being overseas and all. I hear it’s been getting better and better, so kudos to the team, especially Daryl and Claudia for holding the fort this weekend! Have I missed out any hidden backstage heroes? Give a shoutout and that will be rectified, fast!

I guess it is always nice to be able to put a face to all the online characters that we converse with daily, because face-to face interaction still remains top priority for me at the end of the day. The internet and all it’s connectivity is just a tool for me to sustain certain relationships that are important for me, but certainly no substitute.

Bringing online communities offline
I thought it was pretty timely then, that I came across this post- Why Bringing Your Online Community Offline is So Crucial“, because it is true. At the end of the day, we are all social beings (Online social media geeks or not, ha!) and getting to meet like minded people who believe in what you do is basically analogous to having a gym buddy. We all need that periodic encouragement and boost, someone we are “accountable” to or someone to motivate us to keep going, and vise versa of course!

Personally, I’ve always found it easier to sustain friendships that were cultivated offline first, then taken online, rather than vise versa. Of course, I attribute this to the older ways of interaction that we are all accustomed to, and I would not be surprised if there would be (or already is) a directional change in the flow of interactions.

Perhaps this is different in working relationships. Many of the people I work with now, I either have never met, or have only interacted with online, or mostly online. And at the end of the day, the job still gets done. The beauty of technology (when it works!).


My only comment about the event would be about the slightly disruptive “announcements” that occurred in the middle of the introductions and brunch, in which people had already started to mingle and chat. Everyone sat down to listen, and I had been expecting some sort of guided discussion, since they had put out a topic…but I did feel a little “lost” when we all realized after the announcements, that we could still go on with our own conversations.

I guess it was because everyone gathered and sat around the little separate islands of chairs around the ballroom, and something in the dynamics just changed there and then for me.

Other than that, food was great, central location, comfortable ambiance and wonderful hosts who made sure that everyone was comfortable as promised! It was fun. Pictures coming in next post!