08th May2012

Fashion Illustration: Spring.

by Dorothy

I, am in love with this season’s asymmetrical and flowing hems.
Paint+Photoshop. Digitally inked;Original below.




18th Apr2012

Illustration : Girl

by Dorothy

24th Jul2011

Illustration : Cityscape

by Dorothy




It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m most definitely still alive. Between relocation to a new city and other transitions, many things have been going on in the work and personal front.

Nevertheless, here’s a little something that was started in January this year, and only just finished. So continues my affinity for cityscapes, in two different versions (SG & NYC), with the usual mix of traditional pencils + digital photography and Photoshop. I’m really not too sure about that brick wall in the SG version, hardly anything is brick in Singapore. Glass seems to encapsulate the spirit of the city better as well.

Thought it might be fun to have a before and after, so…. original pencil sketch as below too. Hope you guys like it & I should be back to writing and more soon enough.


Also, 500 Sheets of Ink, and then some.

03rd Dec2010

Illustration : City Roof

by Dorothy

Cityroof - 101128-5.43

A highly experimental piece, but I’m loving how its turned out so far! A glowy, gauzy gown, city lights, and a whole lot of quiet….

Click for a larger version!


P.S: On another note, I am going to move a whole lot of content over to the brand new Facebook Page, so please hop on over and it would be great to connect there. This is part of my personal #learnsomethingnew initiative…Everything looks rather spartan at the moment, but it will (only) get better once I get the hang of it all.

17th Jul2008

Illustration: Balloons

by Dorothy