27th Aug2012

Social Media World Forum 2012

by Dorothy

It seems the entire world, or at least the publishing side, has been rather fixated on the performance of Facebook’s stock prices (or the lack thereof). Nevertheless, there still are many other salient issues related to digital and social media that will be less transient in terms of hype. All this and more at the Social Media World Forum N.America, which will be back this November at the Sentry Centers in NYC!

The cool folk over at Six Degrees have some interesting things planned, with a slightly different format for this year. Apart from the main conference track, there looks to be many other surrounding events for sharing, engagement and networking, with barcamp styled sessions as well. There are also three different agendas for Social media, Social business and Social TV.

Some initial information can be found on the main site. Other useful links for the event info and speakers. There’s still a couple of days left for the first early bird discount on passes, so check out the link on getting passes.

More to come soonish!

29th Dec2010

iStrategy: Social Media Conference – Enterprise 2.0 and beyond

by Dorothy

Received an invitation to attend the iStrategy conference early December and I’ll have to say it was a conference with a difference, right from the welcome desk to the conference content itself – great team behind it, insights and sharing all around.

Two general trends that surfaced that were of interest:


1. Organizational structure

One of the key things that seemed to come up often was how various corporations and institutions had shaped themselves to adapt, in light of the “social media revolution”. This is sort of a cliche phrase, because social media is not really so much of a revolution anymore, but I believe in varying stages of adoption into the mainstream.

It’s all too common to look outside (what leads can social media bring to my business, what new customers can I engage) that it would be a paradigm shift for most to view it as a very powerful tool for internal stakeholders as well, which brings us to the next point.

2. Enterprise 2.0

Don’t just take my word for it, the good folk over at Mckinsey have also recognized this, and they have data to prove that performance is markedly improved.

A new class of company is emerging—one that uses collaborative Web 2.0 technologies intensively to connect the internal efforts of employees and to extend the organization’s reach to customers, partners, and suppliers. We call this new kind of company the networked enterprise.

Web 2.0 use of these companies is significantly improving their reported performance. In fact, our data show that fully networked enterprises are not only more likely to be market leaders or to be gaining market share but also use management practices that lead to margins higher than those of companies using the Web in more limited ways.

So, how is your organization structured to accommodate/harness social media?

  • A single digital executive that is cross functional and supports many different teams?
  • A full team dedicated to this purpose? How big is the team? How big should the team be?
  • Who does social media “belong” to?
  • How will the majority of large corporations, mostly still somewhat mirrored after the very top-down hierarchical structure of the military, accommodate or react to the largely bottom-up, non linear values of social media?

These are really thoughts that are just skimming the surface, and I’ll try to share more in some case studies. Strategy has always been an innate interest, and I’m always keen to find out more about how different corporations adapt to new landscapes. What is it that most companies want to achieve, is probably a more important question before anyone can figure out what it is that must be done, to get there.

p.s: There’s a brand new Facebook fanpage I’ve created, please Like it (in support of my first attempt to conquer FBML). Still learning, page will continually evolve!


Thanks for reading this, and I’m looking forward to 2011!

16th Jun2010

CommunicAsia: Skype

by Dorothy

Popped by the Skype booth at CommunicAsia with a bunch of other bloggers, thanks to the folk over at XPR! Loved the booth, which was like a breath of fresh air and probably the most well designed amongst the others at the exhibition.

CommunicAsia: Skype booth

Branding wise, these guys have got it down…from the almost irreverent and fun decorations (think rainbows, clouds and synthetic grass) to the friendly staff that were hanging around the booth.

All this extends to Skype-blue Slushees, and the iPhone case….All great talking points as well.

CommunicAsia: Skype Slushee

CommunicAsia: Skype iphone Case

CommunicAsia:  skypetv

“You’re on Skype TV!”

CommunicAsia: Peter Parkes

Peter, one of the faces of the social media team, whom you can also find over on the Skype blogs.


Curious about the Skype story in online conversations in Singapore, this is what was came up in terms of the top discussed themes/buzz clusters in relation to the Skype brand name.

Unsurprisingly, Skype is strongly associated with functions like Video Conferencing and Calls.

  • Video Conferencing/Video Calls
  • Mobile Phones: Given that mobile usage is increasing, the fact that Skype is often mentioned in conjunction with mobile phones isn’t all that surprising.

Phone Models discussed

  • iPhone 4 /Apple iPhone : Interestingly enough, there were separate conversation themes for the iPhone 4 versus generic chatter on the Apple iPhone itself, possibly double the share of voice for the iPhone compared to other phone models.
  • Windows Phone 7 : There was a previous rumour floating around that Skype wouldn’t be developing for the Windows Phone 7 but that has since been cleared up over at ZDNet Asia.
  • HTC Touch
  • BlackBerry
  • Motorola

Communication Centric:

  • SMS
  • MSN
  • Social Networking
  • Facebook – Skype was also one of the top Web 2.0 brands often mentioned together with the likes of other communication options like MSN and Yahoo!.

“We have cellphones if its important, and email, IM and Skype if its not.” – a post from The Singaporum Forum.

Skype for “not important” calls. Issue or non issue?

“Erm i normally use skype to call my friends during gameplays… Not really used for overseas purposes. ” – Hardwarezone Forum.

While Skype might be utilized heavily by the overseas crowd ( I know I would!), it’s interesting to note that gamers might also be an alternative target audience in their messaging. Not something that immediately comes to mind.


Also saw that the Skype business solutions offering was given a counter of its own at the booth. Skype still seems to be resonating with the average consumer online, but it will be interesting to see how their branding might translate to serious enterprise customers, and the impact or effect, if any.

Full Disclaimer: All buzz clusters phrases were taken from Brandtology’s (where I work!) Digital Conversation Workbench.

Other official pictures from the event here! : Skype Twitter Accounts

20th May2010

Upcoming: Social Networking World Forum – Asia (Singapore) 2010 – See you there!

by Dorothy

Social Networking World Forum(SWNF) – Asia …back (and better) for this year! There’s even a ticker on the new look website counting down! Honoured to be one of the media partners for this event. Attended the  SNWF Asia last year, and had a blast, thanks to the great team at Six Degrees. Guess this is one event that’s gaining traction and looking forward especially to the discussions (more Asia-centric case studies please) and sharing by others in the field.

“Brands often struggle with social media and the danger is to view it as just another marketing channel. Many realise it’s a completely different approach to interacting with consumers, building communities, integrating social CRM strategies and more. Much understanding still needs to be undertaken into consumer engagement, and the long term value social media can bring to brands.” commented Ian Johnson, MD Six Degrees Events.

Event Info

Leading Asian brands will be discussing the latest in social media marketing, social CRM, social search, community building and the role social media plays within their organisation. The Social Media World Forum (SMWF) Asia running on the 22/23rd September at Suntec, Singapore (www.socialmedia-forum.com/asia) will showcase the leading social media trends taking place in Asia through a combined conference and exhibition.

The event will examine who the key social media influencers are in the Asian community, and the major trends in the likes of China, Singapore and Indonesia. It will look at how Asian marketers are realising the potential of social media and the role it will play in their future success, along with key emerging social media tracking tools.

Speaker Line up Teaser

• Pooja Arora, Brand Manager, P&G
• Nicki Kenyon, Vice President, Digital Marketing APMEA, MasterCard Worldwide
• Reynold D’Silva, Global Brand Marketing Manager, Unilever
• Blake Chandlee, VP & Commercial Director, EMEA, Facebook
• Damien Cummings, SMB Online Director – Asia Pacific & Japan, Dell
• Lito S. German, Marketing Director, BMW Group Asia
• Argha Sen, Head of Marketing & CRM, Toys R Us
• Fotini Paraskakis, Director of Production, Fremantle Media Asia
• Derek Yeo, Head of Marketing, Tiger Airways

Early Booking Discount Ends 21st Aug 09…As I’m a partner with the event you can receive a 25% discount on delegate passes to Social Media World Forum Asia 2010. All you have to do is quote ‘dorothypoon.com’ when you register. Here’s the registration link. http://www.socialmedia-forum.com/asia/register/conference And this year’s agenda!

Drop me a note / Tweet if you’re going to be there.  🙂 Catch up then!

01st Jul2009

September – Looking forward to Social Networking World Forum – Asia

by Dorothy

A blog post to share that DorothyPoon.com will be one of the media partners for the above mentioned event. I am psyched that Social Media finally gets a forum of it’s own, in our part of the world, rather than being a subset of other marketing, advertising, etc conferences.

Digital has definitely come of age… I’m not entirely sure offline will be wiped out so thoroughly in so short a time as Steve Ballmer so radically postulated, but we are definitely seeing the start of this ‘fundamental economic reset‘.

Readers of this blog get a 15% discount, so make full use of it.  If you’re planning to head down, drop a note or give me a shoutout on Twitter and it would be great to catch up in real life!

Details, details!


Social Networking World Forum – Asia – Grand Hyatt Singapore, Singapore, 22nd and 23rd Sept 2009

• Two day conference dedicated to social networking

• Featuring key speakers from social networking publishers, advertising agencies, industry analysts, software developers and equipment manufacturers, pay-TV and network service providers, mobile operators, plus many more

• Evening Networking Reception

• Joint exhibition combining social networking and mobile social networking formats

• Free to attend exhibition only pass available

Key Speakers included:

  • Bennett Porter, Head of Marketing – South East Asia, Yahoo
  • Deep Malhotra, Senior Director, MySpace India and South East Asia.
  • Desmond Tan, Brand Manager, Loreal
  • Bambos Kaisharis, Head of Marketing, Singapore & Malaysia Nokia
  • Lai Kok Fung , CEO , BuzzCity
  • Jeffrey Seah, CEO – South East Asia, Starcom MediaVest Group
  • Olivier Legrand, General Manager – Asia, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network
  • Paras Sharma, Senior Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications, ESPN Star Sports
  • Plus many more

Early Booking Discount Ends 21st Aug 09 + 15% discount for blog readers



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