20th Apr2012

Which Draw Something Player are you?

by Dorothy

Its been some time since I played DrawSomething though I can’t deny I was utterly hooked when it came out. Because that’s what happens when you have a huge phone that comes with a stylus. But then it became less intriguing when I started to guess the answers even before the drawings were completed, like how a single orange line could symoblize TheLorax, for example. There are also so many Furbies, Pegasuses and Lady Gagas one can draw before it all becomes rather cliche… well you get the drift.

So, I was pretty happy to see some new features being added, even with the FB acquisition of Instagram kind of overshadowing the original news of “Omgpop being swallowed up for a cool reported 210 billion(!!!)” but the rest of us mere mortals are still trying to keep up being drawsome and earning enough tokens for yet another colour palette.


So here goes…the various types of DrawSomething players and their psyche.

The Psychic – can guess what you are drawing with two strokes.

Clueless– The opposite of the psychic. “I have no idea what you just drew dude, and it looks like you’re done with your drawing. Great” or ” How is what you drew even remotely resembling a (insert phrase to be guessed here)??”. Amusement usually ensues, after you have to resort to playing the game like Anagrams because then it’s either give up (but that word doesn’t exist in your vocabulary, does it?) or make wild guesses with the letters.

Cautious Guesser – Wont try to guess without (near) perfect information, i.e The One That Doesn’t Guess Till You Finish Drawing, even though after 3 strokes it was pretty apparent that what you were drawing was totally BritneySpears. Either really patient, or totally risk averse.

The Cheater– unabashedly writes out the phrase to be guessed.

Anyhow Whack – Guessing by wildly filling in letter tiles, and completely missing the point. Your drawing doesn’t matter because they’re just looking at the alphabets anyway. These are the people who should be playing Scrabble, Anagrams or Hangman, really.

MMOminus-the-RPG – Just Involved In Too Many Games At Once. You might have to wait till 2014 before they click on your game again.

The Messenger– (well at this time of observation, DrawSomething was still sans chat function) So there were the people who wrote you a message first on their blank canvas before flipping the digital page to start a drawing proper.

The Crowdsourcer – Posting SOS images on their Facebook when they can’t figure out what on earth the drawing is about.

Crab – Has phone orientaion on crab mode or something. Some people’s pictures just come out sideways. Seems to be something to do with the iPhone, I could be mistaken.

ColourCrazy – Absolutely intent on earning as much coins as possible to get all the available hues possible; ends up not using half of them anyway.

Intensely overkill & spoil market – Drawing a Monet with your phome while the majority of mere mortals stickman away. This tumblr shows it all. Some are pretty good.

The Chronic Mis-speller – Always places that one tile wrong. That one misplaced tile away from perfect spelling.

Spread Spelling – For some reason, fills up the tiles from the middle, instead of spelling the word from left to right. I’m not sure why but it’s interesting to note.

I Don’t Have a Phone That Supports The Game – I feel for you. I’ve had App Envy pre-iPhone/Smartphone days too.

The Late Adopter – Drawn into the game (pun totally intended) only because everyone at brunch seems to be playing it.

I suppose there could be a whole lot more profiles, so leave a note if you have anything to add!