20th Apr2010

Mobile Marketing Association Forum 2010: Singapore – An alternative Blog Post…

by Dorothy
Spent a couple of days last week at the #MMAF2010 and decided to do a different version of a blog post on the event! So here are my exceedingly Twitter centric slides below… Enjoy! 🙂
Just also wanted to give a very huge shoutout to the great team at Ricecomms for the invite & a wonderfully organized event, you can view their press releases here and here.
Really appreciated the making sure that we had power, internet ( all the essentials for Tweeting/Blogging/list of Tweeps/Speakers & what not….), standardized and clearly communicated #hashtag, and even Tweets that shared relevant links throughout the session.  Great stuff!

5 Responses to “Mobile Marketing Association Forum 2010: Singapore – An alternative Blog Post…”

  • Thanks Dorothy, really enjoyed meeting you and having you there! Appreciate your support and see you at more events! 🙂

  • Hi Sonya, my pleasure. It was lovely meeting you and the rest of the RiceComms team too. 🙂 Great event, and def hope to see you around!

  • Jon

    Like this unique take, very cool – must’ve taken a long time to produce though.

  • Hi Jon
    Thanks for your comment! I guess the most time was taken sieving through the stream of Tweets over the couple of days… And figuring out the main themes!

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