06th Jan2009

Bloggers’ Calendar 2009: The lowdown

by Dorothy


Bloggers Calendar 2009

Just a little project amongst ourselves that happened during December 08! For bloggers, by bloggers.

Of course, there were Web 2.0 elements, including crowdsourcing for how best to display the printed version of the calendar, the best type of paper to print the calendars on, which version of the cover to useranting about production issues…all the way to the final launch party and wrap up!

Many thanks to:
(whose idea we could not have down without),
Willy for the gorgeous photoshoots and event coverage,
(for making the web version available to all),
and Daphne for being the amazing multitasker and coordinating all logistics from start to finish!

Interestingly, this would be the first time ever that I’ve done so much liaising over a project on Plurk, but it worked really well. I’ve always been a fan of working remotely and any tool that enables that automatically gains points with me!

“The Tribe has Spoken”

The point is that in many things, you can never please everybody, but most people seem to accept that “the majority voted for (X decision)”… and I’ve heard more than one instance of that happening during this period as it is.

No story is complete without some form of intrusion advertising efforts which came in the form of an offer to sponsor the calendar from the industry. Almost immediately when the photo teasers came out on Facebook, we had an offer to sponsor the calendar by a PR company, but the crowd pretty much voted no. I’m not against sponsorship, but I do believe that it would be nice if the intent could be there right from the start, rather than what most people felt – that the company was just jumping in on a project that had already gained some traction at that point.

On another note, Digital Media advocate or not, I happen to think the physical copy of the calendar turned out really nicely. Check out the web version here!

If you’re itching to get your hands on a physical copy, email your enquiries. 🙂

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To end off, I really like SimplyJean’s idea of turning this into a charity project (perhaps for 2010?), and from the responses, it looks like I’m not alone in this.

To 2009!

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5 Responses to “Bloggers’ Calendar 2009: The lowdown”

  • Such an interesting project. =) But what about the rest of the… urm… 200,000 odd Singapore bloggers? The community here looks more like the Plurk bunch, ya? Anyway, congrats on a great photoshoot Miss January. =)

  • Hello Benjamin! hehe it was open to the community and broadcasted on the Blogger’s noticeboard..so really, all were welcome to join! We also had urls of those who couldn’t turn up for the shoot. Credit to Willy for the awesome photos though! 🙂

  • wow what a brilliant post! this must be my fave post so far, about the calendar project! 🙂 u even took the trouble to go dig out all the plurk threads!! hehe.

    thanks for all ur help, dory! we wouldnt have been able to do it. and thanks for hearing me out on all my erm, rants.. *hugs*

  • @Daphne Maia: hehe! My little ethnographic web 2.0 project. I guess because I was privileged to watch the entire thing unfold from start to finish. 🙂 It was fun! And I’m always good to listen if ya need. 😉

  • Hi! From a Fellow Calendar Blogger to Another! Saying Hi and just popping by to visit your blog! So, till we meet for the 2010 Calendar… Have a great year ahead! 🙂

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