29th Jun2014

Typed on an iPhone/In the wee small hours of the morning

The internet has too many edits nowadays. Folks editing their content, their words, debates over the right to be forgotten. This was typed entirely horizontally, in bed, no edits...

22nd Sep2013

Hello World ‘2013

Post by Dorothy Poon. It’s been a while since I’ve actually updated anything there….updates have been going on across other spaces while I figure out how to...

10th Jul2013

Illustration / Series : Elementarily

There is only one thing more fun than a sketch and that is…. sketching a series. Kinda ended up with the theme of elements…still missing wind, fire,...

27th Aug2012

Social Media World Forum 2012

It seems the entire world, or at least the publishing side, has been rather fixated on the performance of Facebook’s stock prices (or the lack thereof). Nevertheless,...

03rd Jul2012
(i was) Enchanted to meet you.

(i was) Enchanted to meet you.

New style has appeared, it seems. Fun.

03rd Jul2012


Simplicity is Sweet. 100% galaxy noted.

12th Jun2012

Illustration: Flutters

Just another one of those shelved pieces that have been sitting on the table and in my mind. Paint, Photoshop and some nice filters off the phone....

12th Jun2012

Coursera, and the alternative education paradigm

Hello World. Thought of the evening is that¬†Coursera is a really great concept. Signed up for some courses some time ago, and they’ve just started to run...

07th Jun2012

Illustration : Dancer

PPP: Just a piece of paper, pencil and Photoshop. (:   My tiny brush is misbehaving at the moment and so, it’s the pencil for today. Love...

08th May2012

Fashion Illustration: Spring.

I, am in love with this season’s asymmetrical and flowing hems. Paint+Photoshop. Digitally inked;Original below.